08 Feb

Nova Flow OS Build 94.1 has been released. This is a bug fix release. Bugs in the Open Build Service repositories broke the system.

Updated in 94.1:

  • Nova SDDM: Set padding to zero for username to center text.

New in 86.1:

  • Nova Rewind: Create restore points, providing an easy way to revert to a previous state in case of unexpected issues or system malfunctions.


  • Nova Live: new UI and history playback on YouTube. Nova Live is an internet radio player
  • Nova Settings: adjust font settings after update
  • Nova Store: change component and add scrollbar to list on details and modern applications pages (as needed)
  • Nova Settings: adjust font settings after update


  • Added documentation to customize labels and other properties of the SettingsDialog component.
  • Added documentation to customize background of SettingsDialog component.

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